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TRF striped off shoulder top. gray extra skinny jeans from SM department store. B Club boots and bag. Ray Ban aviator. cuff from Metrowalk. cocktail ring given  by a friend.

amazing race partner/cousin karla and i hit the theathers again! this time for "I Love You, Goodbye". as usual, arrived in GB at 9 when the showing time is 9:15. didn't expect that there were no seats left AT ALL. as in ni isang butal...WALA! had to take the LFS at 11:30PM!

ayan. drinks at M cafe muna tuloy. did you ever go to a movie drunk?? well, we weren't naman...just blurry. LOL. super talkies and catch up. i kinda like it when toshi (my cousin's hubby) is not around cos we can do whatever we want. LOL.

oh i forgot, before going out we watched "The Rebound" over ruffles, M&Ms and fit n right. i love love the movie! it made me cry but it also made me feel better. i used to not believe in fate or destiny but growing up, i learned that it is true indeed. what is bound to happen will happen...no matter how much you avoid it. no matter how how long it takes. as paulo coelho would say, “When you want something, all the universeconspires in helping you to achieve it.”  i think it goes the same for love... when it is meant to be, it is. if not, it was never yours.

you know that scene in 500 days of summer? the one at the bench? when summer was telling tom why she didn't show up? that she met her husband that day in the cafe?

SUMMER: i just woke up one morning and knew. 
TOM: knew what? 
SUMMER: what i was never sure of with you.

i think that you can never fake it. it is either there or not. when you love someone, it is not a maybe thing. you know. you feel it in your heart. i am too tired of faking. i can never pretend anymore. that is what i learned from my last relationship...which is why i applied it on to the next. no, it wasn't exactly a "relationship" per se but i liked someone. sad to say but TIMING IS EVERYTHING and he came at the wrong time. plus, i learned that his intentions were not pure. you know what? just because you took a girl out to dinner and some more does not mean you own her and girls should know that they are not obliged to give something back out of guilt or confusion or sympathy. when you are 25 and you know that LOVE CAN WAIT, it is better to say "no" than to hurt yourself by saying "yes". watch "He's Not Just That Into You" before you give in because maybe you too are not just that into him *wink*

going back to "I Love You, Goodbye"....my fave line from the movie:
"Gusto ko nang lalaking magmamahal sakin, at mamahalin ko rin siya." 

i think it is really that simple. you just want to love and be loved by someone. there should be no complexities. 

about the outfit, these are the things i bought last xmas day shopping :) i am in love with the jeans!!!!!


Viva La Fashion said...

cute look! :)

dang much said...

thank you :)