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fashion icon: nicole richie







all photos and sources can be found at my tumblr

i don't know what to me so long to feature nicole richie because she is truly my number 1 fashion icon :) i once told my mom that whenever i am undecided as to what to wear i always ask myself, "what will nicole wear?"  nicole richie is always nonchalant, relaxed yet so chic! of course my wardrobe is not as extensive as nicole's but i love nicole to death! her bag collection of chanel, balenciaga and fendi are to die for!!! i rarely see nicole in skirts also which is a good thing for me because i love jeans, leggings and tights too more than skirts. i love her more now that she is a mom actually :) not only is she fashionable but i find her really funny! i love people who knows how to have a good time :)

speaking of having a good time, i will have a major exam tomorrow! i've been studying non-stop for three days! okay, that is not "good time" but i will have a good time after :) i will have a "me" time tomorrow after my exams. planning to go to cubao x, a little coffee and reading on the side and DVD marathon when i get home :) hopefully, i do good in my exam so i won't feel bad about treating myself :P

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