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The Boutique: Bed and Breakfast











Horseback Riding






Zara studded top. thrifted shorts. Janeo biker boots. chained white sling bag from a bazaar. cocktail ring and bangles from an accessory store.

so we were supposed to go the enchanted kingdom last saturday but after being stuck in traffic and learning that we have to wait in line for two effing hours to get in, we backed out! thought of a back up plan and there is no other better place to go to in the south than tagaytay, beybeh!!!! :)

arrived in tagaytay around 5 so we were too late for zipline :( horseback riding instead...yes, in the dark. going in circles. not fun.

dinner at hawaiian barbecue at the boutique. i've missed hawaiian bbq!!!! so much memories from the boracay branch...HMM. anyway, i love love the boutique. i must check in...in I SURRENDER or should i be open to I LOVE?

nephew loved the bubble gun gift! they all went gaga over it!

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