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christmas parties = black

what i wore
thrifted butterfly top. Zara harem pants. Primadonna cut-out heels.Tomato cuff. bib necklace and cocktail ring from an accessory store. sparkly silver mesh bag given by a friend.



some pictures from the party


my "impossible" christmas wish list


for something non-material, i wish someone will tell me this

i wonder why people usually wear black during christmas parties. is it because you will be reunited with old friends and you want to look thin or is it simply because black will always be classic? whatever the reasons are, there were lots of people wearing black during Kipling's christmas party at Cantinetta...that includes me :) i initially wanted to wear the top with a skirt but i changed my mind the last minute.

the party was full of sumptuous food from salmon, ox, lechon, shrimps, crabs, cheese, pasta, chicken and there was also an overload of champagne and wine :) it's the season to be faaaaaaaaaaaaat....tananantanantan! LOL.

as you can see, my christmas wish list is a little impossible unless i have a DOM in my life =P i want the bigger chanel 2.55, chanel thigh high boots and the zhee-van-she perfume. i love givenchy's scent =)  my cousin karla gave me "my givenchy dream" last christmas but i finished it off already!  i love it so much :) although  the sad news is that i went shopping yesterday and learned that it was limited edition only :( they have the same but its in blue :(

so yes, christmas makes you emotional especially if you are single but i know i am not alone :) but i just wish someone will tell me, "you are enough" awwwww =(

some update:
sunday- dinner at fridays and watched inglorious basterds at galleria. i love love inglorious basterds! must watch y'all :) coffee at CBTL in eastwood afterwards.
wednesday- finished my christmas shopping...well, almost. got myself a little something something too :) a sling bag, sparkly vest, gray scarf all from the robinson's bazaar and thigh high boots from Janeo (got it on sale! only P800 from P1400! yay!). dinner at flap jack's in greenbelt c/o jepoy :)

someone just told me that my lips are like alicia silverstone's. HMMMM. i love YOU already.

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