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sparkly top given by a friend. Cinderella bandeau. Get Laud leggings. B Club laced up heels. studded bag from Glorietta. thin bangles and cocktail ring. DIY neck piece.
so there is nothing extra ordinary with my outfit today. felt like super plain jane and super girly plus i am having a bad hair day (bad hair day = extra straight hair, no waves, no volume = i am ugly today). i wonder...is this how girly girls feel? i swear that i am never the type who will wear top, jeans and heels...unless of course there is something extra ordinary about the top or there is something funky about the jeans or the shoes.

so why did i even bother to wear what i was wearing? i really do not know. maybe because i thought my hair would be wavy today and it would compensate on the outfit because i would look like i-don't-care-but-i-still-look-hot. you know what i mean? or maybe because my mom was already yelling at me because we were going to be late (have to travel from north to south to visit my brother-in-law's family in cavite).

so why post the pictures? well, i thought the background was so nice, that's all :) the picture was taken at market market after having dinner with my tita bebot and my mom at hap chan.

story about the neck piece. the neck piece was originally from a top i got at a thrift store. the top actually looks like its from eairth by melissa dizon but the neck piece was attached in an awkward looking manner so i decided to remove it and just make it into a neck piece. the top now is a one-shoulder top :)

what else? i watched julie and julia today finally. i seriously want to cook. i am a frustrated chef. although i really do not like eating much and i scrimp on food also. how will i ever be a chef with this attitude? HAHA! maybe i just really like watching people cook but i am never really born to be one. i swear, i can live watching lifestyle network all day, everyday. i love Giada De Laurentiis of Everyday Italian, Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa, Rachael Ray, Mario Batali and Bobby Flay :) :) :) although i don't want to get fat and all my fave chefs are except for Giada. why the hell on earth is that woman thin after all the cheese, wine and pasta? if anyone can tell me her secret, i will rethink my chef aspirations. LOL.

i did not say i don't like the top because i do love sparkly sparkly but i am really not feeling my outfit today. as pam quiones say, "everyday is a clean slate." :) :) :)

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