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acid washed

white blazer and gray basic top both given by friends. Tomato acid washed jeans. Ray Ban aviators. anchor necklace and cocktail ring from an accessory store. watch from a catalog.

so i went with mom today to the mall to do some grocery shopping but instead ended up buying things i didn't intend to buy. i am in love with this acid washed jeans from tomato. such a bargain! only P700! can you believe it? :) i am also in love with the new MNG outlet store in SM fairview :) i will hoard once i get the chance!

i also bought ruffles and lays plus 3 DVDs (the rebound, where the wild things are and new moon). i plan to celebrate christmas eve, watching the rebound while sipping wine and eating ruffles. yes, i intend to be sad on christmas. just this test i am doing...come christmas, i am officially 1 month single! :) i didn't really sulk, whine and cry a month ago when i broke up with my bf so i wanna know if there are really no tears left or no tears AT ALL...there is a big difference of course. get what i mean?

my mom gave me a weird look when i told her my plan. LMFAO.

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