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craving for some booties









all photos and sources can be found at my tumblr

i have two current addictions: booties and tumblr  :) :) :)

i am salivating over all types of booties now from slouchy, fringe, over the knee, combat...just everything and anything you can think of! even if i live in a tropical country, i do not care! i think booties are the best way to give any outfit an oomph and it is great whether with shorts, skirts, jeans, leggings and tights. i still have to get my work around working it with jeans though. i think i need to find the skinniest gray jeans for xmas. yes, the same effing thing i want last year that up to know i couldn't quite get! although, i have good news y'all. since i am always working, working and did i mention...working? HAHA! i decided to give myself some reward...i will buy booties this friday! yay yay! i am excited! hopefully, i will be able to get the one that i really want and not the one out of frustration (which tends to happen when i am so giddy and do not have anything in my size).

my other addiction and where i got the pics from *drumroll* TUMBLR! why do i love tumblr so much?

1) i find lookbook to be boring lately. lookbook is becoming overrated that even the ones who are not worthy are invited. there are some pics that are not really about the "looks" already but about artsy fartsy pics. don't get me wrong, i love artsy pictures but isn't lookbook supposed to be about fashion and not photography? in tumblr, of course there are lookbook pics too that i "click the heart" if i like them but there are other fashion-inspired sites too like streetstyle, fashionfever and celebrity fashion pics too.

2) i find FB full of BVs and nonsense comments. i used to love FB but since i found out about tumblr, i was less and less hanging and snooping around other people's lives in FB. according to an FB poll, i only spend 2 hours in FB in a day. i think that is pretty much really below the line compared to my other friends who are using FB to play farmville, mafia wars, poker, restaurant city, etc. when i log on to FB and i do not have any notifications, messages or pics to post, i simply log off and continue with my work. if i have the time, i will check my sister's FB, cousins' FB and my two BFFs FB (nez and nelly). it is better to hang out in tumblr because you only click like or in tumblr's case "the heart". you cannot comment. you can just reblog. in short, compared with FB, since there are no comments allowed, there would be less BVs.

lastly, i love tumblr because i do not know the people i follow and the people who follow me except for abby. it is a better feeling dealing with people who do not know you and you do not know. what is good about tumblr too is that the pictures really vary and they can cheer you up any day.

no, this entry is not to encourage you to join tumblr. LOL.

i will post some tumblr-found fashion inspirations here from now on to make up for the times i do not have anything personal to blog. hope y'all love it <3


buffy said...

i <3 all your photos!

dang much said...

thanks! follow me on tumblr!