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transforming ornamental embellished












cropped denim ornamental embellished jacket from my grandma's closet. J. Crew white v-neck. Black Sheep by Maldita liquid leggings. Possibility at the Ramp oxfords. Khush beanie.

it was my nephew's 7th bday last saturday at the rockwell club. took us all months to prepare for this much awaited transformers-themed event. there were a few mishaps the day before but i guess it was all sorted out the day itself. plus, the whole program especially the acrobatics performance was a blast! :)

i never really thought i would love kids until i had my nephews. i love them dearly! i am super tita! :) i actually got a little sick cos the event was too tiring! i even forgot i am under "warm water " therapy and i was a little distracted from all the food so goodbye diet! LOL.

i was so glad to see my lovelies too after being stuck in the house for two whole weeks :( plus i also saw some people i haven't seen for a long time! it was instantly a reunion!:)

about the outfit, i was thinking of a maxi dress at first but then i was looking at last month's preview and saw that ornamental embellished jackets are so in. this jacket, i found during the time i was looking for an outfit for PFW and i just thought "may potential ito"! so i grabbed it and i didn't even tell my lola it is with me! she'll probably know when she sees the pictures! LOL. so i settled with this outfit because i know i'll be all over the place and it's just more children's party friendly (you will see from all the sweaty pics LOL) :P 

the pics are all from personal cameras, i will upload the ones from the official photog once i get them. meanwhile, enjoy.
xx, D


sean said...

looks like so much fun! you are fab!

dang much said...

thank u so much!