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tinkerbell goes to see new moon



 dress given by a friend. Space cropped vest. tights from SM. Primadonna booties. thrifted chain sling bag. horn necklace and cocktail ring.

friday's itenirary:
* went to my cousin's condo, lying in bed while talking about serious life stuffs
* walked my nephews to kumon, waited for ken to finish while looking out for tomo in salcedo park
* pizza party for dinner
* grocery shopping
* new moon at rockwell cinema 4, 8:30pm
* coffee with my BFF in starbucks

i think i got super excited with new moon that all i did the couple of days before it was  shown was to flood tumblr, twitter and FB with pics, videos, links and so on. but hey, no one was complaining =P

so what did i honestly think of new moon? one word: BITIN!!!!!!!! pwede isa pa? LOL.

like i've said, new moon was such a pain to read for me. i was crying the whole time! and i was kind of glad that the movie focused more on the actions scenes although i got teary eyed during those scenes were bella was crying herself to sleep and having nightmares. i kind of remember i was like that before. hmm. the only difference though? no one ever came back. emo much?

so anyway, what did i like?
i liked the first few scenes where edward got out of his car in slow motion UGH!!! remember he had that moment too in twilight? i want to play it back over and over and over again! kind of obvious i guess that i am team edward.
i also liked the volturi fight. i thought the volturi was really scary.
i also liked the part where jacob transformed into a wolf.
i also liked the voting part.
and of course, all the kissing part and the shirtless acts! HAHA!

what didn't i like?
i just did not like the part where aro touched alice's hand and saw bella as a vampire running with edward in the sun. it thought it was so cheesy!!! DELETE. DELETE. DELETE.

what i liked in the book that i wish was in the movie?
the conversation between charlie and alice. it was so moving, emotional, stabbing pain, everything! i think i cried the most at that part!

i cannot think anymore. i think i'm still sleepy cos i went home at 2 am and woke up at 6 am! will edit this entry in case i remember something!

my outfit looks like tinkerbell hence the title :P


camerafilmroll said...

Look the shoes. :D

dang much said...

thanks! hey, can i just say something? i will totally go out on a limb here and say that i am such a fan of ur blog and u commenting on mine is really unexpected. thank you! did i sound like im such a fan? :P