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simple pero rock















all photos and sources can be found at my tumblr

if you are a true blooded pinoy you will always hear people say this line: SIMPLE PERO ROCK. it seems cheesy and baduy to hear but i think that line describes all the outfits in this post :) my bff and i actually have this line where we ask each other "what is your outfit?" and the other person will say, "simple lang ako today". the feedback after that line will always be, "ayan na naman, narinig ko na yang simple daw." it is true though...i think each person has his or her own definition of "simple"...for me, simple should not be boring. for me, casual or malling does not mean a bohol souvenir shirt, jeans and slippers. i really think pinoys should get over the stage of wearing those souvenir shirts. it is okay to wear shirts because i love plain v-necks and slippers are my BFF but give it some oomph, some pizzazz. add accessories, scarves, jackets, hats or carry a nice sling or a big slocuhy bag. also know naman when to and when not to wear your trusty havaianas.

i love the simplicity of the outfits but the way that these individuals pulled it together is sensational :) i think that it is totally not what you wear but how you wear it :)

notice most of them are not wearing heels? :)

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