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shades of black and gray


 MNG tube top. gray skirt given by a friend. oxford ankle boots from SM. bib necklace and cocktail ring from an accessory store.

FINALLY i am able to shop after all those weeks that i was stuck at home and resisting the urge to go to the mall! although i must admit that depriving yourself is not always a good thing. in my case, due to shopping starvation,  i was able to buy:
* oxford booties from SM ( was supposed to buy the studded black ankle booties although they don't have it in my size as usual but i am happy too with my decision to buy this gray shoes because it can transform to a real bootie when you remove the lace and back to being an oxford bootie with the lace)
* 4 cocktail rings
* a bib necklace (so so pretty don't you think?)
* a gold cuff
* chain necklaces in gold and silver (thinking of some DIY action yet again)
* a heart necklace (the heart is made of bronze wire, unbelievable workmanship!)
* 3 sets of underwear
* 3 tank tops
* DVDs: julie and julia, all about steve

i think that's just about it. did i look like sucha hoarder? LOL.

so, a little update. i was out and about friday and saturday. i think i've never been so tired and sleepy my whole life! friday was my lola's death anniversary so i went to her house, prayed and talked with her for a few minutes. then off i went with my dad to the dentist for his check up. it was his bday too so we had lunch in congo grille, shopped and went to the bank. feels so good to be able to bond with my dad after a long time. he wanted new slippers so i bought him that too :) although i said, "wag lang havaiannas!" LOL. then dinner for my lolo's bday. i gave him 2 CDs and no one, as in no one, ever appreciated gifts i have given the way he did! the whole time he was playing it until the next morning! awww...i love my lolo so much :)

and because i was so tired cos i was up as early as 5 am and no one can get me back to sleep, i had a home service massage! anabelle is soooo good! :) just when i was about to sleep, aids called me telling me we're going to la salle instead of having coffee few blocks away from my house. so i dragged my oily butt out of bed and waited till she picked me up.

super super fun date with aids and levin! major talkies from emo to funny to crazy (FTW now stands for Fuck The World according to lev). with the whole world going gaga right now with FB, i'm just glad to be with people who don't have FB accounts. i am telling you, friendster, multiply, facebook are killers! if the time will come that twitter will have the same effect on me as those three networks, i think i will die. please, please, ibalato na sa kin ang twitter. twitter is my new boyfriend and my best friend rolled in one. yes, i am a loser for thinking that twitter will never betray me. LOL.

but lev and abby was right after all, the moment you expose yourself to these things, you allow other people to comment, react and say things about you. sad to say though, there are some "friends" who keeps prying on me. seriously, don't you have any other friends to pry on? maybe nez was right. my so-called "friends" are prying on me because i give them what they want and what do they want? a reply. but let me tell you this, yes you! those are my accounts and yes, i give you the freedom to say anything but i think i do have the freedom too to delete or feel bad about your comments. i also have the freedom to choose who my friends are. i have  a choice to delete people in my life because frankly, i do not need you or any one of you. i am better off alone with friends who are not as crazy and as shallow. now i think i know how lauren conrad feels. now i kind want to be like whitney who's naive and boring so everyone will be nice to me.

anyway, back to good vibes...mom and i bonded saturday morning and after lunch too. super shopping galore! no one really loves you more than your mom. no questions asked. just the pure feeling of love and support :)

by the way, i am reading eat, pray, love and it is the best really! and hollah back at my girl, aids! thanks mare for being a fan of the blog :) loves you.xx

and loves every single person who reads my blog and never judges me :)
cos of that, i'll leave you with this:

You’re gonna have bad boyfriends and best friends-turned-enemies. You need to be yourself, you need to work hard, and you’ll get there.
Lauren Conrad

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