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pinky swear!

i feel like i'm the worst blogger of all time. i feel like i am the worst friend. i feel like i need a break.i've been stuck in the house for so long and i haven't even shopped lately! anyway, i feel like i shouldn't cos really, where would i wear them? i do not go out often and i have some clothes with tags on it still. i feel like it is the end of the world that i am saying this. me....really me? me not liking shopping? me not feeling the need to shop or go out? i feel like i'm in mars or somewhere far like pluto! argh. what the f*** is wrong with me???

anyway, maybe audrey was right. maybe tomorrow will be another day and there will be a miracle. tomorrow is the showing of new moon so i guess it can also be a "new moon" for me. finally going out of the house! i will try my best to post a new outfit! pinky swear i will be back on track!

if i am boring you with my outfits, here is someone to cheer you up: karla :)
hope you'll like her as much as i do. xx

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