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new moon and then some...

march 2009, boracay sands
Karimadon dress. earrings from a friend.

i have no new photos so i uploaded an old one. anyway, nothing is new except that i am so excited for new moon even if the movie is all jacob and less edward. i remember sobbing while reading new moon. yes, sobbing not crying. as in with sniff sniff. it was really torture...stabbing pain. i told myself i will NEVER read new moon again. good luck sa movie! HAHA! my fave among the 4 would have to be twilight...everything is good at first db? so kilig! i wish midnight sun will push through! so much more kilig on edward's POV don't you think? =) then eclipse expect the part that jacob and bella kissed. UGH!!! jacob is so obsessed and bella is so malandi! LOL.

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