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halloween 2009

came as a "malanding" policewoman police polo from my ex-stepdad's closet. Nautica denim cut offs. thrifted boots.
so this was my costume after thinking if i'll be a white lady or cat woman =)
my ex-stepdad is a retired police and i did not want to spend a single cent on my costume this year. well, i didn't too last year but i did some crafts. this year, i am so lazy so i thought of just wearing my stepdad's police uniform =) i was thinking if i should wear it with some fishnet stockings and oxford heels but then i do not want to be so slutty! LOL. however, i paired it with some short shorts and people were still looking at me like i'm a slut (i was thinking maybe because i have the longest gams and that means more skin??)!!! i swear, my shorts are not really that short AT ALL... i mean, compared to some other people who wear pekpek shorts all the time! i was beginning to think that these people live in caves! HAHA! anyway, i partied with my cousins, bf and other friends at seventy-seven in the midst of typhoon santi! i wonder who i will be next year...hmm...i am thinking of tutus...what do you think? =)


Anonymous said...

u r one hot police!

dang much said...