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gotta love balmain

 Penshoppe DIY cropped vest. thrifted dress shirt. Clinique DIY chained sling bag. Ray Ban aviators. Girlshoppe cocktail ring. chain headband. studded T-flats from SM.

first things first. i know how to make my  pics look bigger in blogspot :)  the only thing i wish i know is how to put those "funny" "interesting" boxes for my comments. is that because of a chosen template? if you know, message me!

so my post now is full of DIYs ;) if you have been following, i made the cropped balmain-inspired vest last august and i only get to wear it now! i was looking for a fringe or slouchy brown boots to match with it but i haven't been successful :(

another DIY project is the bag. if you can also remember, i got the chain from a P20-worth bag back when abby and i went thrift shopping but i dissed the bag because it was overused. i kind of had a hard time looking for the perfectly sized bag to put the chain on and then i remembered my Clinique clutch! i had my bf sew the chains on to the clutch last sunday and wahlah, instant sling bag! :)

as you know, i am still sick. before it was just my throat but now i have runny nose and slight fever too :( i wonder when it will all end :( i think i got burned out too yesterday when my mom, lola and i went to quiapo to attend the mass. the moment we got home, i was in bed. i slept as early as 6 pm! i cannot remember the last time i ever went to bed that early!

anyway, i got to buy lots of stuff yesterday and i must say, everything are necessities! i am so proud of myself! here's a rundown:
* battery for my phone
* gift for my nephew
* dvds (a perfect getaway and jennifer's body)
* the chained headband was wearing here (ok fine, not a necessity but its only P35!)
* a cheek tint from Bench

yes, no clothes there. although i have new clothes courtesy of the swapping sesh i had with abby last thursday :) lots of vintage-y, blair-ish and rachel bilson-ish stuffs from her :)

speaking of thursday, i spent that day pampering myself from a mani/pedi (have a red orange polish now) and a home-service massage :) did have dinner with the family too (japanese food overload!) and since my tito jessie is back in manila, we have astii champagne na for new year! yay! yay! and i also received a long-awaited letter :) will update you guys if everything is final and settled. that's it for now. xx

do you like my new template? =)


patricia said...

how cute are your poses on the first pic? (:
and i love all your DIY stuffs too. u are so fab!

dang much said...

thank u patricia =)