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going green


green dress/skirt, neon green shirt, cocktail ring and shades all given by a friend. DIY studded belt. white cut-out heels from a bazaar.

i'm sure by now you are already wondering about this "friend" that gave me almost all the things that i am wearing in this post. you might have heard of her name in my previous blogs, abby, ring a bell? :)

she is indeed generous but the dress was not really given as a gift. it was more of a "swapping gift". yes, you have probably heard about "swapping parties" from bianca gonzales if you are a fan. swapping parties are so much fun! what you do is you simply swap clothes you do not use anymore with your friends and vice versa :) it is very advisable to do especially during recession era and everyone is trying to save :) the best thing about it too is that most of the fashion finds now are really not that clingy and are free sized so you can basically just swap with anyone :) if it does not fit you well, you can always alter it on your own (like i do) or go to a mananahi to have it altered.

the last items i got from the swapping party came with a warning. HAHA! like this dress, some people may think that it is old already but abby actually got this at BKK (thrift store) and haven't you heard of vintage? i actually thought that the moment i cut the dress down to a skirt, "topshop". topshop has so many quirky printed skirts like this so it is really just about taking it to the next level and making something your own. you will never be a true blue fashionista if you don't =D


Anonymous said...

lovely (= stunning as well. you are good with diy. the green is just popping!

dang much said...

oh thank you so much!