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a pop of neon and some bandage

neon green shirt and cocktail ring given by a friend. thrifted biker jacket. tube used as a bandage skirt. tights from SM. B Club booties. Primadonna cut-off heels. Ray Ban aviators.
sunday is my fave day of the week because i get to rest and relax =) however, this sunday is particularly different because my mom and i cleaned the extension room (of my room) because it is looking like a bodega already! i wanna turn it into a walk-in closet but my mom is such a hoarder and i just cannot do it with her living with me (or is it the other way around? HAHA). so, i really got down and dirty with all the dusts just to see it all clutter-free and spacious for when i am using the mirror and having photo ops for my blog =) see? its so clean now right? kind of even looks like i'm in a fitting room LOL. behind the curtain (will probably get a nicer curtain if the budget permits) are my shoes =) finally, a nice place for them to rest =) so anyway, i tried the neon shirt abby gave me and i remembered our conversation during PFW last wednesday about tube tops as the best alternative to bandage skirts. awesome, right? which one is better? with tights or without it? let me know =)

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Anonymous said...

i like it without tights -x