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now i can relax

oversized white polo from my mom's closet. Nautica denim cut-offs. B Club laced-up nude heels. brown studded bag purchased in Glorietta. DIY zebra bandana. thin bracelets. cocktail
ring given by a friend. shades.
i have good news y'all!!! as you can see from my title, i can relax now. hence, the relaxed outfit. my heart is still
where it is and i have never been happier =) i know i don't look as happy in the picture but
i am...REALLY! just take the hot pink background as the happiness reprezent =P my bf is slowly becoming a fan of my blog and he is now super patient in taking my pictures =) actually, i took off my zebra bandana because some people just do not understand but then my bf surprisingly said that the outfit so much more fasyown with the bandana...and it is! he never ceases to amaze me. lesson: trust mads more =P

1 comment:

sarah said...

your bandana is a killer! ;)