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not so white lady

dressed as a white lady in a dress from my grandma's closet
i saw this beautiful dress in my grandma's closet when i was looking for something to wear for PFW and i thought it was so amazing! look at the back!!! I DIE! so i thought of going as white lady at the halloween party last night but i didn't. why? because i am not white! LOL. seriously, i can never give justice to white lady. i put powder on my face, trying to look pale and its still not white. LOL. i really wanted to go as catwoman too but i changed my mind the last minute and dressed as...DRUMROLL... you will know soon!!! HAHA! sorry for the suspense but i will show you with pics as soon as my cousin uploaded the pics =) hope y'all had fun this halloween! share with me who you guys were!

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