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new yorker wannabe

thrifted zebra polo and chained sling bag. tank top and shades from a bazaar. Get Laud leggings. Janylin peep-toe oxfords. H&M cuff. cocktail ring given by a friend.
i think i am having a "the city" overdose! i was feeling very olivia palermo-ish while walking in my 3-inch oxfords, my black and white ensemble and my twisted hair. my lola even asked me about my hairdo since i've been sporting it lately ever since my bangs grew out. i could not have possibly tell her that i got inspired by lauren conrad, whitney port or olivia palermo. it would be insaaaaane if my lola knows who those people are! LOL =P i think this day is the happiest day of my life!!! seriously, the internet is all mine! i've been watching the episodes of the hills that i've missed. actually, i was supposed to watch the city because i am more updated with that show however, i don't know why MTV is effed up! it won't play! it says something like, "this is unavailable but we will bring it back soon" THE HELL!!! so we dropped ping off at the airport today =) all the time she was here, i could not wait till she leaves! i was really nice to her when she first moved in but then she started being a bitch to me and we never talked since. i never hated someone so much! as in the sound of her voice makes me ick. seriously, her voice is the most annoying voice ever! although, i always crack up whenever she says, "my phone has no electricity." that girl seriously needs an english tutor and i will never teach her again!!!! moving on...we headed to MOA right after to just walk around. it's my lolo's first time in MOA but after some walking, he wanted to go home. he's tired na daw! ain't he cute? =) i do understand him though. i was in my heels at first but then i had to get back to the car to get my ol' trusty ballet flats because my legs were getting wobbly! haha! i can never be a notorious new yorker if i can't live in heels ala-carrie bradshaw! tsk. well, i can only hope NY is not as windy as MOA because look at the last shot! should have been perfect but the wind effect was bad, so bad. P.S. heard about the shoot out in GB right across zara. oh my, zara clothes might have been hurt! LOL. seriously, lets all pray that no one got hurt because GB is super dear to my heart and i don't want it to be like a target for robbers and stuff.

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