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my sparkly silvery post-bday celeb

on me: Zara sequined silver dress. B Club laced-up heels. Mafia Accessories silver glove given by my BFF.

on nez: H&M dress. black pumps purchased from glorietta.

on trin: Get Laud pink dress. gold gladiator flats purchased from multiply.

on nelly: top and denims. thrifted suede boots.

on karl: zara tank dress and long cardigan.

so, the plan was to have dinner at north park and then cocktails at either member's only or establishment...that was before we were hit by ondoy and threatened by pepeng. so, instead of going out and sticking to the plan, we decided to just stay at ate karl's condo...order in some dinner and get drinks from her wine/alcohol "cellar" =)

i must say, even with just KFC and pasta, it was a wonderful dinner because i was with the most important people in my life =) plus, i was even able to treat my nephews some crispy fried chicken too =) yes, i even gave koro (ate karl's puppy) half of my chicken because i seriously cannot finish (was soooo full from the pasta!) =P

we were even supposed to go swimming at the condo's pool only to find out it was temporarily closed for some reason. so instead of donning in our bikinis, we just took off our shoes and dipped our feet in the water...that's the least we could do. LOL =)

then we headed back to the unit to drink...i wanted to say we drink the night away but we packed up early (around 9:30) because parents were already calling and texting about pepeng's threatening arrival! still, we were able to finish a bottle of wine and we all had 2 shots of tequila each =P

on the way home, i had a thought...you could be happy even with the simplest things as long as you are with people you love. you don't need to go somewhere extravagant to feel special. you do not have to stay awake and party till the sun's up to say you had fun. all you really need are the people who are dearest and who loves you sincerely no matter if you are in your sparkly dress or in your PJs. i have deleted so many people in my life in just a year. aireen asked me if what are my thoughts on my 25th bday and really, i just know who to let in and who to let go in my life. i do not need to make everyone happy. i do not need to say yes all the time. i do not need to call back every single person who asks me too. now that i am 25, all i need are my self-governed friends who do not demand too much or oblige me to meet them up every week or reply to their silly text messages. now that i am 25, i know who to surround myself with. i know how to deal and i realized that bitches really do not get things their way without hurting other people. i used to say that i do not care if people think i am bitch for knowing what i want and how to get it but now, there is a revision...i can get something i want without being a bitch. i know that in the real world only the blair waldorfs exist and not the serena van der woodsens but i like being serena. i like making other people feel better about themselves even at my expense...even if it sometimes hurts, even if sometimes i wanna cut their heads off and even if sometimes ang dami kong pambaon na pambara. you know why? it's simply because i know who i am. i love myself and i do not need other people's reassurance. i do not apologize for who i am so i do not need to be competing frenemies with anyone. i always say that i'd rather have few real friends than many unreal ones. i'm very LC when it comes to these things. i hate confrontations too because i'm so iyakin and because i cannot simply say bad things in my "friends" faces. i do have bad thoughts but i let them stay there. hindi ako martir pero hanggat kaya ko, kakayanin ko, wag na wag lang akong sagarin dahil baka maging georgina sparks ako at masabi kong, "you can tell Jesus that the bitch is back." LOL. sorry Jesus. i love you Jesus. LOL.

how about you? what have you realized lately? =)

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