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happy shopper in an oversized lace vest

oversized lace vest and cocktail ring from a friend. tank top, shades and ballet flats from a bazaar. People R People skinnies. leaf necklace from BKK. thrifted chained sling bag.
the original plan was to go thrifting as my belated bday treat to abby but then she found out about the robinson's tent sale and so we went there instead. we were early shoppers (was there as early as i think 11 am) even if i slept 4am the day before cos of PFW and some after-party (will post the pics soon, still waiting for my cousin to post them)! we had no other choice but Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Warehouse since the other stuffs are very pang-magulang and there are no other brands on sale. i told myself i will stick to my 1,000 budget and i did! well, because i really have no other choice... i have no dough anymore =( what did i buy? i bought two skirts actually which are both size 14 or 16 (both from dorothy perkins)?? basta. bought them cos i am little ms. project runway and because they are only 499 each (guess cos they are so big and no one will buy them. lucky for us who are sewers!) =) the first skirt was a hand-painted (not sure what to call it) tulip skirt which was originally 1, 900. i love tulip skirts cos it gives me balakang which i do not have at all! LOL. i did alter it when i got home and it is perfection!!! the other one was a zipper skirt which was originally 2, 200. i love it also cos it can double into a tube =)
i guess this will be my last shopping spree. need to save up for something. back to my ol' reliable UK muna. LOL!

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Anonymous said...

so pretty and happy!