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a case of black and white

white blazer given by my bf. Diego black v-neck top. thrifted zebra skirt. boots purchased in Canada. Anne Klein tights. People R People shades. thin bracelets. cocktail ring from a bazaar.
i've never been really a skirt person but this zebra skirt is dear to my heart =P it actually opened my eyes to a whole lot of new looks. for instance, the boots i was wearing are really knee-high but i thought it would be better to slouch it to half-calf. it also gave me an idea on how to wear the neon green shirt abby gave me as a pasalubong from BKK...all i have to buy is a black tight skirt =) and oh, i miss wearing tights!!! i want more quirky tights! lookbook makes me salivate!!!

1 comment:

sarah said...

this is amazing! i love the boots and the zebra skirt!