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this is how i shop for groceries

Diego black v-neck shirt. thrifted cropped denim vest. zipper leggings from SM. Possibility at the Ramp oxfords. Australian chained quilted bag. necklace from the Rockwell bazaar. heart sunnies from a friend's closet. cocktail ring given by a friend.
i did a test run of my new oxfords when mom and i went grocery shopping yesterday. i must say, its really tiis ganda. why, why, don't they have a size 10??? i think my top is unbelievably short for leggings and it shows my butt but what are work-outs for right? ;) oh, it's my first entry for the month of september. it's my bday month y'all ;) i am turning 25 but i always look forward to my bday no matter how old or young i may be ;) P.S. i realized that the braided headband i bought from khush is not really noticeable so i bought a new "noticeable braided headband" from nouveau yesterday ;)


Anonymous said...

wow, i like those oxfords (:

dang much said...

thank you again =)