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pink power in the underground

Pink dress from my grandma’s closet. White belt from a bazaar. Red cardigan from my mom’s closet.
This would probably count as the worst day out of all our days here in Palawan. If it weren’t for our underground river tour guide, Kuya Tuting, I would have literally fallen asleep during the whole 45 minutes inside the cave. I’m really not a cave person but I just really wanted to see what’s the fuzz. Well, when you arrive at the site, prepare yourself and your nose coz the bats’ poop really smells bad!!! But when you get inside the cave, it slowly subsides. I suggest that you bring your own flashlight and do not attempt to take pictures anymore if your cam is not SLR. I was only able to take some pics inside because the person in front of me has SLR so nakikisabay lang ako pagnagtatake na sya ng shot. LOL =P The beach going to the cave was amaziiiing!!! The monkeys were funny and scary all at the same time =P We were supposed to go swimming after in Sabang Beach but unfortunately, it was really the worst weather condition of our whole trip! We were able to eat around 2pm already but the food makes up for it =) Actually, ALL the food here in Palawan are oh so yummy! Everyday is buffet day…so, notice the change in my body as we go along LMAO =P

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