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luli island

Custom made plum dress. Topshop bikini top. GAP bikini bottom. Nouveau hippie braided headband. Wooden bangles from an accessory store. Floppy hat from a native store.
This island is sooooooooo pretty!!!! Its called Luli cos the island is Lulubog-Lilitaw…how clever right? =) After Luli our flight was supposed to be at 5pm…we waited for 2 hours at the airport only for Cebu Pacific to say that our flight was cancelled!!!! First time in history that I’ve experienced this! So we had to look for a cheaper hotel cos the one where we stayed for 4 whole days was superrrr expensive! Hopefully, we can go home later. PLEASE LORD. Haayyy…Thank you to twitter and wifi or else we would literally be blind!

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