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je ne sais quoi

thrifted blazer vest and zebra/eiffel tower-printed top. Black Sheep by Maldita liquid leggings. Primadonna booties. H&M cuff. cocktail ring given by a friend.
i have finally worn my new liquid leggings in what could have possibly be the most perfect weather to be wearing it. i am sooo loving the weather this week ;) although i am hoping it won't be like this on my bday week because i am soooo white already and i badly need a tan!!! my mom, aunt and "little" uncle (ain’t he the cutest little thing?) picked up my "big" uncle at the airport yesterday. i cannot believe we were picking him up at 12 am and we are still all awake up to 4am! ahhh, the price we have to pay for the sake of $$$ signs ;P i kind of wondered and tear up seeing all the balikbayans reunite with their families...i wonder if i'll ever be like that. i miss my sister terribly =( i wanna go shopping with you sistah! the last time my sister went back home here, she was so busy with her wedding so we didn't really get much time together =( anyway, we had authentic mami at chinatown for midnight snack...so perfect for the stormy weather :) un-perfect for the diet LOL :p and yes, i went home with $$$ signs on my eyes and my pocket. this could be the best bday yet :)


Anonymous said...

u and ur little uncle look cute. i love both ur outfits- veronica

dang much said...

thanks! he's so the cutest little thing!