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if the shoe fits

i've never been really a shoe person. honestly, i hate shoe shopping because i am a size 9 bordering size 10 and it is too damn hard to find shoes that will fit me!!!!! so, if the shoe fits, i will soooo get it! =)
here are my two new shoes...
the first one is my gift to myself for my bday =) not really the shoes that i wanted since again, no more of my size but still pretty, isn't it? =P i got it from B Club and it was on sale!!!! wuhoo!
the second one is my bf's bday gift for me (plus plane tickets to palawan) =) very dominatrix-y, right? =P it's from Janylin naman =) plus ain't the gift packaging so so pretty? =P
now, off to bday destination! see y'all soon.

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