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coming clean

i remembered cres telling me before that she tried going out and not drinking just to see if she will have the same amount of fun when she did when she drinks and amazingly, she said it was kind of more fun being sober. she told me this at the peak of her and mine's "social life" so imagine my shock!
Little did I know, I would kind of feel the same way. I’ve been sober for almost 3 months (except that time wherein I had a bottle and a half of beer at jeane’s party which I don’t really count cos is that even alcohol??) now. Yes, there were waaaaay to many times wherein my friends or my cousins would ask me to go out but I always make up excuses even though I actually can go if I want to. I began wondering, what could have possibly stopped me now when I couldn’t have been stopped by anyone or anything before???
Of course, I kind of feel sad and bored that I am almost always home now so I text my friends and cousins once in a while asking them where they are and what they are up to but then, I’d be the one turning them down after they reply. It’s just that…I’ve always been a “sunny disposition gal” and of course, I still go out but only at times when I feel the need too. During those times wherein I’d feel bored, I’d immediately snap out of it and after a few DVDs and reruns, I’m happy again. Besides, I have work stuff to do.
Misery is a choice and so is happiness. I must say, cres was right. You don’t need alcohol to have a good time. You also don’t have to go out every weekend to be happy. I realized I can actually say “NO” when I don’t want to.
In about 11 days I’ll be turning 25 and I’m happy that FINALLY, I have set out my priorities straight. I am at a point in my life wherein I know what and who makes me happy…and I must say, IT IS THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD.
So hoorah to my 25th bday and please stop me from all the emo talk. It’s the bday blues talking. LOL =P

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