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studed blazer

Zara studed blazer and tank top. TRF faded denims. necklace used as a bracelet.
the reason i got so excited about my last hoorah shopping was because my bff told me that the studed blazer i've been dying to get at zara is now only 1, 300! so, upon arriving in zara at rockwell last friday, i went straight to the saleslady and asked for the studed blazer. then the sad part came, it wasn't on sale. still in the new collection rack and still 5, 000!!! i swear i could've just died. i cannot possibly spend 5, 000 on a blazer or anything clothing for that matter! well, at least not for now. so i resorted to something else...
come saturday, i planned to go home early after sleeping over at my cousin's place because i wanted to work sana. i'll make sabay with mads because he was going to work at st. francis shangri-la. we were having breakfast when my mom texted me something that really pissed me off. i swear, i am always thankful that i am NATURALLY not a bad person or i could've killed X.P.L.!!!! so since it was raining hard naman din, mads assumed that they won't be working until 5. i told him i'll go with him na lang and wait for him in shang. i had a round two. i looked at topshop and zara in the hopes of finding something i might have missed or wasn't available in the branch at rockwell. then, i had a thought...
i got the studed blazer of my dreams, went inside the fitting room and worked it like i own it! yes, i know it is a crime in zara to take pictures inside their premises but i can't help it!!!
so, no, i didn't get arrested. i felt sort of happy and sad at the same time coming out from the fitting room. happy because at least i knew that for a moment, it felt like mine (it's so bagay, right?) and sad because it can never be mine forever =(
at least naman no, the denims i was wearing are mine and they are TRF!!! so, siguro naman pwede naman pa-picture lang no! sa dami ba naman ng nabili ko ngayong month sa zara, angal pa ba sila? =P
when i looked at my phone, i had 7 missed calls and 5 messages all from mads! he's done with work already and the a** even accused me of meeting up with an ex! halerrrr. all else was fixed when i showed him the pics and explained that my phone was on silent mode because i might get buko once the camera shutter clicks.
luckily, i met a mananahi last sunday through my mom. she used to be tingting conjuanco's and the ynares' modista. she worked for rustan's too. she's 62 and retired but i think i kind of amazed her and she promised to replicate this blazer. YAHOO!!!


Chonx said...

nakakatawa to: "I think I kind of amazed her."
haha. lavet.

dang much said...

hahaha! sya pa tlga na-amaze sken e no?