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shoulder pads in the park

@ QC Memorial Circle
thrifted blazer and chained sling bag. MNG anchor-printed tank top. People R People jeans. H&M pumps. DIY skeleton necklace. cocktail ring given by a friend.
i've lived my whole life in quezon city but i've never even been to qc circle. even my grandma and my mom haven't been there and they've lived in qc longer than i've have had! so after doing some errands in the qc hall, we all decided to go to qc circle as our tribute to the qc day next week =) after eating at max's, we went around and i was actually surprised with the warmth feeling it brought me. it was beautiful. i even told mads that we should go there next week because we didn’t get the chance to go around the whole place yet (i wanna go to the carnival and ride bikes =P). i wish manila has more parks. it saddens me that people think parks are baduy because it's really not. try it and then judge (piece of advice though, don’t go on weekends our you’ll be with the ‘day’s and dong’s =P). it was extremely hot yesterday and my blazer outfit was really not giving me any love. i did however manage to wear it just for the sake of the pictures =) and oh, i was glad i brought my old reliable ballet flats or i will LITERALLY just die in my sky high pumps! also, did you notice that i am wearing jeans? i think i haven't worn these jeans in like 10 years! ok, i'm exag =P but i was really glad to know that wearing still gives me the same old feeling before...my precious perfect fit jeans =) (i was so sad that my anchor necklace got lost in quiapo but thankfully, i rummaged through my bag and found my skeleton key chain and made it into a pendant instantly. my outfit will never be the same without a necklace. thanks abby for getting me another anchor pendant! pay you soon. xoxo. on a happier note, i did not buy even a single dibidi or any trinket from quiapo! i patiently waited in the car as my mom and lola finished their novenas.) P.S. i love my nail polish!!!!!! i sometimes forget to smile =s


Anonymous said...

i love your H&M pumps =)


dang much said...

thanks =) its so high though!