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quezon city day cool

on me: gray boyfriend blazer from my mom's closet. J Crew white v-neck shirt. tank top from Target. People R People denims. Keds sneakers. Ray Ban aviators. cocktail ring given by a friend. thrifted white chained bag. pearl necklaces and cameos.
on my bf: Folded and Hung orange v-neck shirt. thrifted vest. Penshoppe khaki shorts. white shoes from a bazaar.
so just as promised, mads and i went back to qc circle. it was qc day yesterday and the mood was so festive. there were march bands, fireworks and even abs-cbn was there. we got in touch with our inner kiddos...rode the bike, ate ice cream and cotton candy. i have a confession to make...i don't know how to bike. SERIOUSLY. all i can ride are those side cars and so that's what we got. besides the fact that we have so many stuffs and that we were feeling a little lovey dovey =) i haven't really been in a bike for such a long time!!! i thought i was gonna have cramps because mads was so heavy! i was LITERALLY sweating but we did alternate in being the driver =) mads kept on bugging me to try the japanese bikes but i was really scared to death! i remember i kind of learned how to bike eventually in college but i was still so scared! i know some of you are thinking, she's so sporty, surfing and all...why can't she ride a freakin' bike?? simple, i do sports in the water and in the sand NEVER on land. so anyway i promised mads i will just try to ride the bike when we go around dos palmas next month since i supposed i'll be landing on sand if i fall and at least, it is a secluded area. so not a lot of people will hurt their tummies laughing if i fall.
anyway, it was really a fun date! i told mads we should do it more often. i cannot wait for the carnival to open! i just wanna be a silly kid lately. hmmm...probably because i'll be turning 25 next month?? anyway, we finished the night off with tuna sashimi, california maki rolls and tofu steak at kamameshi house =)
oh earlier that day, i got to watch "and i love you so" with my mom. i really wanted to watch even before the hype because i'm really patay na patay kay derek and i've always been team sam (rather than team piolo). so yes, i like them chiseled and dark =P nevermind the fact that i do not like bea. so, it was really a bad idea to watch it before meeting mads because i literally have swelling eyes! i am so iyakin talaga! everytime derek comes in the picture and all the scenes with coney reyes were really heart-wrenching. i cried most during the scenes (1) where bea was drinking in the car, (2) saying "i hate you" to derek while she was in the pre-school alone and (3) when she was saying "i'm sorry" to coney reyes. i swear, i think even if you haven't lost someone literally, somehow you'll be able to relate at one character/scene or another. i even cried during the happy scenes! i wonder though, is there still love like that somewhere??
happy quezon city day y’all =)
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Anonymous said...

you and your bf look cute together :) and i like your outfit here very much :)

- veronica

dang much said...

awww... thank you =) my mom's blazer is really fab =)