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plaid blazer

thrifted plaid blazer. Terranova slip dress. Primadonna cut-off booties. Girlshoppe chained headband. cocktail ring given by a friend. necklaces from a bazaar.
i never ever thought the day would come when i would wear this blazer again :) it's perfect with the slip dress! right, Abbs? :) thank God it's friday again today =) i am going to church with mom and my grandma then lunch (oooh, i hope somewhere nice again). sometimes i think this predicament is bringing us closer and closer to each other and to God. happy quiapo day, y'all =) P.S. do you have any idea on how to change the day of your post here in blogspot? the day is based on US time and whenever i try to change it, it would say that it will automatically post it tomorrow when today is friday here in the philippines. waaaahh!!! HELP!

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