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my take on the classic polo

GAP button-down sleeveless white polo. Giordano wide-legged trousers. Possibility at the Ramp gladiator heels. DIY layered chained necklace. silver sling bag and shades given by a friend. cocktail ring from a bazaar.
white is my favorite color of all-time! i really don't care if people say that your favorite color reflects who you are. yes, people think that white is boring and plain but for me, white is a classic and it never goes out of style. if you were my classmate, you have probably heard me saying the exact same line back when we were introducing ourselves in psychology class :) this polo was given by sister to my mom but it has been sitting on her closet for soooo long and i just gotta have it! even my trousers were in my closet since college and i usually wear it only to the beach since it is linen and super comfy. but thanks to the men-inspired fashion, i was able to reinvent both classics and put my own twist into it. unfortunately, the polaroid program cuts off the picture and you probably won't see my shoes and the fact that i rolled up the trousers. i am soooo happy with the rolling up your pants thingy because it gives a fresh new vibe to old pants. don’t ya think so? =)

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