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khaki bf blazer

khaki bf blazer from my grandma's closet. Get Laud dress used as a top. thrifted high-waisted a-line skirt. platform wedge from SM. Tomato belt. thin bracelets and cocktail ring given by a friend.
i woke up as early as 5 am yesterday to go to my grandma's house although i did try to get back to sleep, i just can't! i swear, i think i am really getting old. i wake up super early even on normal days and sleep late. what the hell is happening with me? is this how you are supposed to feel when you are turning 25??? haha! anyway, since i cannot get back to sleep anymore, i just did some work stuffs. i had enough time before the manicurist arrived. i have dark blue metallic nail polish now =) then we headed to quiapo for mass and i did a little shopping on the side...bought 3 dibidis (management, the ugly truth and ghosts of girlfriends past...chick flick galore!) and 3 new shades (in white, black and green). good thing the driver called me to say that my mom and grandma's waiting for me in the car already or else i would have side-tracked to the ukay ;P
after lunch and some errands, i told the driver to drop me off at trinoma. i could not possibly wait until saturday so i bought the oxfords of my dreams at the ramp :) :) :) of course, i went over budget again as i passed by diego and bought a black v-neck top and at kush to buy 2 braided hippie headbands. good thing i was out of cash and i was too lazy to withdraw or i could have bought a beanie. nevertheless, i would go back for it because i am an addict like that ;P
so anyway, after dinner, i could not possibly go on with my life anymore because my shoulder blades were really killing me since last week so i had a home-service massage. it was sooo good! super 2nd best massage i've ever had in my life! the best one is still the one when we were vacationing in panglao, bohol ;) i could've slept if only we didn't have to go back home right after my massage but i swear, soooo good!!!
now…back to qt with my bf ;) happy long weekend, y’all ;)

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