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it's not hot pink

on me: thrifted blazer and sling bag. People R People shirt. MNG jeans. cut-off booties and cocktail ring from a bazaar. bracelets given by a friend. on nez: top purchased online. MNG trousers. CLN bag. peep-toe heels from Landmark. cocktail ring and cuff. on noel: GAP hoodie. Team Manila shirt. Bench jeans. Vans sneakers.
i was looking for a hot pink blazer because i wanted to channel Alexander Wang. i thought i found the blazer of my dreams...but when i went home i started to see pass my color blinded-ness and saw that it wasn't really hot pink! still, i wanted to get away with it so i made a survey:
what is the color of my blazer? mads: peach! noel: it's not pink. it's not orange. somewhere in between...hmm...peach? michiko: peach! it's definitely not hot pink no! rich: pomelo! a guy from starbucks: it's voluptous pink! nez: hmmm...peach? via: it's not peach...it's coral!
i am telling you, this blazer is really controversial! we bothered all the people in starbucks in fully booked GB5 just finding the right word for this color. via is such a genuis! of course, it is coral! so anyway, after bugging the customers having coffee at starbucks (was glad all of them were regulars) and finding the perfect word (phew!), we headed for dinner at world chicken in GB1 (i cannot get over the pesto cream!). i then ranted while we were having the yummiest chocolate cake ever in classic confections. my friends are the most honest individuals alive! i am sooo lucky :) and michiko never fails to make me laugh. she's the meanest yet funniest person alive! we miss you, nelly.


Anonymous said...

your blazer is fantastic even if it is not hot pink


dang much said...

thank you, thank you =) i wish that it is hot pink though!