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the cropped vest and faded denims

@ jeane's bday, gerardo's on me: TRF gray v-neck shirt and faded denims. thrifted cropped denim vest. Possibility at the Ramp glad heels. horn necklace given by my bff. cuff from a i-forgot-metrowalk store. on jeane: MNG tank top. TRF harem. Juan peep-toe semi-bootie.
my system is officially not accepting beer. for someone who used to party a lot, i think i got burned the most. partying days are over and as aids' said, "midlife crisis begins NOW." next month i'll be 25 and the signs are showing quite early! on a sadder note, i am having buyer's remorse. the faded denims i was wearing in this picture is approximately 2-3 inches bigger than my usual denim size! all the other pics that i am not putting up here actually showed how maluwag it is (and how bad mads takes pics. ugh!)! haaay... i should have bought the basic white v-neck top and the oversized t-shirt dress instead =( actually, you know what? i should have bought more than my budget! i should've really made my last hoorah OTT! waaaahh...now i cannot wait for december!!! i was supposed to buy a yoga mat to forget about the denims but all the swiping machines and ATMs were offline. so i went home and ate piatos instead. ahh...piatos, you taste good! how long have i been a kambing??? happy araw ng dilaw y'all =) P.S. i will have this denim altered and redeem myself. haha! pics are loooong overdue. so sorry for the delay..jeane took too long to upload them. sorry for the blurry pics also, just grabbed them from jeane's multiply.

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