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the bf, his jeans and other vested interests

@ the rockwell club
on me: blazer vest and white v-neck shirt from uk. Buffalo bf jeans (literally) from my bf's closet. Possibility at the Ramp glad heels. Girlshoppe cocktail ring. owl necklace purchased from a friend.
on my bf: Diego gray v-neck shirt. pinstriped vest given by moi. Penshoppe jeans. Chuck Taylor sneakers.
on my bff: black polo. nautical high-waisted A-line. pearl necklace. cocktail ring.
when jeane said she spent 3, 000 on shopping alone this july, i got on thinking about mine. i've been shopping almost every week the whole month of july because i was making lubos all the end of season sale. well, i have computed. i spent more or less 6, 000 alone this july. who knew i have so much money on hand???
don't worry, that amount is inclusive of the stuffs i shopped for last friday. i got a chained bag from Charles & Keith for 799 (originally 1, 699), faded denims on TRF for 995 (originally 1,995) and a cocktail ring from Girlshoppe worth 120. you might think i had as much fun last friday as i did on any shopping day but sadly, no. i think last friday was the most saddening shopping spree i've ever had this whole month. besides the fact that there are really not a whole lot of choices anymore, i have to learn these things the tough way :
1) DO NOT shop in sky high heels EVER!
i swear, it ruins the mood. (although it could be a plus if you are making tipid)
2) DO NOT shop with your bf EVER!
i love mads but he's just so bugnutin. shopping alone is still the best.
3) DO NOT shop when you are hungry EVER!
food makes your brain work well so you won’t have buyer’s remorse after.
4) DO NOT buy something just because it is on sale.
who's guilty? raise of hands...uhm...ME?!
window shopping is tempting.
i have high hopes that this august, i will be behaving. no more malling! i have to save, save, save! back to uk shopping muna. see you again on december tempting zara and y'all.


writing4pennies said...

naks ang payat! hehe inggit ako. oo na wag ka na manermon.;p haha...

cute ung outfit na to. tsaka ung mga black and white dresses at ung pink manila na blue zipper dress. kala ko mura dun kasi sa tiendesitas may harem sila 300+ lang altho nakasale kasi tapos nung nagtingin ako sa gh kasi nga kakaiba ung mga damit tss mahal naman.;p

oo wag ka magshoshopping ng gutom kasi makakadampot ka ng kung ano ano na di mo super type. basta wag ung uncomfy ka kasi chances are mamadaliin mo kasi kaya mawawala ka sa plano. naguilty naman ako dun sa mga gastos gastos part. gusto ko pa naman lumabas. sige na nga magkukulong nalang ako dito hehe...;p tignan ko kung kaya...;p

dang much said...

super loooong comment nga! hehe =P inisa nln tlaga...tamad much? hehe.

thanks =) amazing mads' jeans no? but i returned it to him na, reklamo na sya e.

mura naman ah...well, i think cos kakaiba mej may karapatan cla mag-800 =P

naguilty ka kc mas malaki gastos mo no? haha =)

oo, e panu yan sa celeb mo 10:30 am bka gutom tayo hehe. mang inasal na to!!

dang much said...

btw, thanks for saying im thin. hehe =)