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advance gifts and more wishes

ahhh....loooove :)
my bday is still 1 month and 15 days away from now but abby gave me her gift already...the perfect silver sling bag =) i love it so much i haven't kept it in the box. i'm looking at it right now hanging with my other sling bags: a brown chained one from the uk date i’ve had with abby; the black quilted one i got from the uk when I went shopping yesterday; and my new blazer. for those who are wondering what to give me on my bday, here is my wish list:
1) a new notebook (not the paper)
2) flat gray oxfords from the ramp (size 9)
3) a Zara blazer (i'm a meduim)
4) studded gladiator flats (size 9)
5) basic v-neck shirt in black/gray (i have so many in white already so do not bother)
6) fringe boots or anything fringe for that matter (size 9)
7) a white chained sling bag
8) a Balmain jacket
9) bib necklace
10) cash is always welcome (i accept as cheap as 300 =P)
that's it FOR NOW! happy shopping y'all =)
you know you love me.

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