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white washed

@ the rockwell club thrifted white coat. Anne Klein tights. booties from my mom's closet.
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Bootie-licious! “If you can’t sleep, get it.” -Manika Yujuico I don’t know why this always happens when I am out to do grocery shopping with my mom. I mean, how many sleepless nights do I have to endure yet again? The last time I went grocery shopping with her, I side-tracked buying heels and was intending to buy chunky platforms but they did not carry it in my size. It all came down to me going to a different branch all the way from Fairview to Manila just to buy the chunky platforms that was causing me sleepless nights. However, those buys were not impulsive. I really intended to buy 2 pairs that day. This time it was totally different. My plan was just to buy tights and go straight to the grocery. It was all a success! I bought lacy race tights and 3-in-1 pairs of gray footless tights from the department store. Wasn’t the lacy race tights I was hoping but was happy anyway =) Then the hard part came…since it was raining and it was Friday pay day, the driver was still 1 hour away from the mall because of heavy traffic! My mom was having coffee and I could’ve just sat there with her but I side-tracked again and went around to JUST window shop. When finally…HA! I saw the slouchy ankle booties of my dreams! I love Primadonna so much they know me there already and I swear, the moment I laid eyes on those booties, it was love at first sight =) But it wasn’t giving enough love for my pocket…it was 1600! I swear, I could’ve just died. So I went back to the coffee shop were my mom was sitting pretty not knowing my heart aches and my mind was so far away from whatever story she was telling me. I felt so bad actually that my eyes were wandering around like an addict! I swear, I am never an impulsive buyer or at least, I try not to be. So, I stood up, went to the magazine store and bought In Touch just to divert my craving. This is a habit I am developing when my hands are just shaking to buy something that I can’t as of the moment…Gawd, am I turning into a shopaholic? Oh Gawd, NO! So anyway, I didn’t buy the booties because I wasn’t able to get my cheque yet and I thought I could just forget it but NO! I had one of those crazy moments again wherein I rave endlessly to my boyfriend about how the booties were sent from heaven up above. He would always tell me, “na-buwang ka na,” mimicking my family’s innate Cebuano accent. I went to bed and I dreamt (this happened to me also last Christmas with the glad chunky heels from The Ramp) that I begged my bf to stay in the house up to 12 noon the next day to hold my hand when I buy the booties and tell me I am doing the right thing. Then I woke up, begged him to stay up to 12 noon just like in the dream. It wasn’t another of those sleepless nights but the dream was a give-away. I just knew that I have to! After all, I’ve already put up outfits on my mind and I’ve already convinced myself that I needed to buy something unusual that I can use frequently use (here or abroad) but will not make my feet hurt like hell! So, we went to SM together after mass and lunch at my house and BOUGHT THE BOOTIES!!!! No, he didn’t pay for it, God just gave me the means unexpectedly like it was meant to be =P And no, he did not go against it…he actually loved the fact that it was not one of those sky high heels again that will make our heights equal. Yay! Yay! Yay! I suddenly felt like I’m Kim Chui in the Enervon Happiness commercial…”HAPPINESS MO, ABUTIN MO!” =D

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