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@ la union
thrifted sheer floral dress. Havaianas flip-flops.

Summer is Officially O-V-E-R! “My perfect date is sitting on a beach with a six-pack, laughing and kissing.” - Drew Barrymore If I could, I would wear a bikini all day, everyday but I wouldn’t and I can’t…especially now that I am gaining back all the weight that I shed off last year. UGH…it makes me sad just thinking about it! Moving on, I’m all alone in the house today and it is raining pretty hard! I wish Mads pushed through with his plan of going here but unlike me, who has the option to work or not, it is a MUST for him to work. So, here I am sulking again in bed, trying to read the PDF file of Breaking Dawn but I’m just simply bored (no, not bored-bored…I just can’t concentrate because I’m used to reading the saga by book). I miss Boracay so much! I’ve practically lived there (when my bf was still based there) but last year, my bf went back to Manila and all my free lodging (for almost 3 years) just disappeared. I miss staying in a cozy bed waiting for my bf to come home (yes, I call it home na sa tagal ko ba naman dun) from work. I miss going to the Talipapa to buy things for his merienda and Budget Mart for our never-ending noodles, chips and canned goods supply. I miss soaking up the sun in hot afternoons, lying in the beach bed like it is the only thing to do. I miss waiting for 4pm and being stoked everyday after our skim boarding sessions. I miss sitting on the sand in our tambayan when there a lot of empty chairs around and making kulit with each other. I miss my local friends, playing Frisbee and patintero. I miss being a wimp…yes, I am a wimp when I am with them. I miss the carinderia foods and drinking straight from a Coke 1.5 bottle that we all share (sometimes equally…oftentimes, not!). Now, I am back to being the Bora bakasyonista like everybody else though when I am with my local friends, they tend to remind me that I am “feelingerang bakasyonista.” Haay…my Bora life is not always as extravagant as you think. I just don on nice cover-ups and bikinis because that’s who I am and even if I’m one-of-the-boys there, I won’t (NEVER EVER!) compromise my fashion sense. I can’t help but wonder…How can I live in snowy Canada when I love the beach so much??? Come to think of it, maybe there are vampires in Canada…*wink* I am thinking about the beach even in this cold weather. I was thinking of the big waves I can ride when Abby texted me that the waves in Manila Bay are frightening. Of course, I won’t be surfing in Manila Bay…Eww. Gross. But I was thinking that the best thing about the rainy season are the waves (and the fact that it is more challenging to dress up) =) I miss LU, Zamba and Daet. I wanna go to Baler and Siargao. I wanna get stoked again and again and again! I am crossing my fingers on this year’s out-of-the-country surf trip!!! Shhh… Nonetheless, whatever I do, summer is officially O-V-E-R. Pretty much all I can do is reminisce the good ol’ times when I had this bad habit and guilty pleasure of drying in my bikini. I cannot imagine how many swimsuits I have when I was looking back! I know I cannot probably beat Katrina Lobregat but I have plenty pala to mix and match and of course, recession time!!!

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