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the cold city

@ baguio plum dress and khaki boots from uk.
original post at http://superbrat.multiply.com/journal/item/197/I_Ukay._ I Ukay. I started going to the ukay-ukay back in college but it was never really like a constant thing. Since ukay-ukay is known for jackets, it was the first thing I bought back then. My love for ukay came to its full circle when I went back to school for another short course. This was just year 2007 so you can imagine how late of a bloomer I am when it comes to ukay shopping. Almost all my friends from school are ukay enthusiasts so it was then that I was fully transformed. I started going to ukay-ukays in Fairview and Novaliches with my classmates and there I really discovered the love for ukay. I think my biggest budget back then was P300 and I would go back home carrying 5 items. After graduating from that short course, I learned how to ukay on my own. I’ve tried Baguio, Banawe, Retiro, Quiapo and Sta. Cruz already. If before, I was only in the jackets section, now, I am always drawn to the dress area because they usually have good stuffs there. Recently, my budget went from P300 to P700 when I bought two bags (see: “I’m Such a Bag Hag” entry) from Quiapo. I thought it would be like my biggest splurge in ukay so far but it was topped by my most recent ukay trip with Abby in Sta. Cruz (I’m a virgin in this area) where my shopping spree almost reached to a thousand but because I bought so many, I made tawad and I got a bargain price of P750 for 8 originally P120-priced items! Although I can’t remember how much I spent in Baguio when Mads and I went for Christmas break…hmmm. I don’t think ukay is for the faint-hearted or the super maarte at maselan. It helps when you have a good eye for what will look good. I thought before that it was such a shame to be buying things from the ukay but they always say that, “IT IS NOT WHAT YOU WEAR BUT HOW YOU WEAR IT.” It’s true. Most of my ukay finds are better than the ones I bought from like the mall or the tiangge. Not only am I one-of-a-kind, I also get great compliments from other people who find it so amusing that something so nice and rich-looking can also actually be so cheap. It helps also that some of my friends (Abby, Nezie, Nelly, Jeane and cousin, Trina) are ukay enthusiasts. It’s also nice to know that some best dressed A-listers love the thrill of the hunt too. If you still think that ukay is so nakakahiya naman, you might want to take a look at this list: • Charmaine Palermo, stylist (2006 Preview Best Dressed List) Best ukay find: cowboy boots for P200 and DVF wrap dress for only P100 Ukay destination: Baguio • Valerie De Los Santos, model (2007, Preview Best Dressed List) Caught saying that: the best thing about ukay is “It’s cheap! P1000 can go a long way. I love the fact that I can wear an ukay piece on a night out; I won’t see two other girls wearing the same thing. I enjoy getting compliments from other people about my outfit—then telling them I bough it for only P50!” Ukay destination(s): Cubao, Quiapo, Makati Cinema Square • Angel Aquino, actress/model/host (2008 Preview Best Dressed List) Caught saying that: she will go to “ukay-ukay for dresses and bags” if she have P300 and 30 minutes to shop • Isabelle Daza, student/model (2008 Preview Best Dressed List) Caught saying that: she will go to “ukay-ukay to buy vintage tops and dresses that are one-of-a-kind” if she have P300 and 30 minutes to shop and that “some of my nicest clothes are from the ukay-ukay” Ukay destination(s): Tagaytay and Baguio • Ria Bolivar, model (2008 Preview Best Dressed) Caught saying that: her fashion weakness are “ukay-ukay pieces” and that “ukay-ukay is the best thing…the fun is in the hunt” Ukay destination: Evangelista area So are you convinced yet? If yes, then I have pieces of advice when shopping at the ukay: • Wear something comfy like your trusty Havaianas (it will be easier when you want to fit shoes), a tank top (if you want to fit, you don’t need to remove it and it will keep you from sweating much), leggings (so it will also be easier to just make patong a skirt or a short you want to fit) and as much as possible, do not carry a bag (or if inevitable, carry a small body bag). • If you have a bigger budget, look out for the “new arrivals” since these are the ones that are much nicer and hindi pa tira-tira na lang (new arrival dresses can range from P100-200 and higher for those that are branded). • If you are short on budget, look out for the “sale items” which can be as cheap as P20! Though napagpilian na, some items are still fasyowwwn (especially if the shopping crowd is not naman as fashionista as you are) =) • If you want items that are branded and you just don’t find it thrilling to hunt, go to “selection ukay-ukay.” This particular ukay-ukay have already chosen the more fashionable and branded items out of the bunch but they are also way pricier than the normal ukay-ukay. • In ukay, patience is a virtue =) • Lastly, wash your hands thoroughly after and the clothes too! Remember that, “Fashion is 10% style and 90% ATTITUDE.” So, ukay-ukay or not, as they always say, “WORK IT LIKE YOU OWN IT, BABY!” =) =) =)

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